5 Killer Resources for Learning Japanese

April 26, 2012

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Listing the best resources for learning Japanese is hard, as there are so many great tools available online today. Each resource listed below will be a great addition to your Japanese learning program.

1. IMABI.net

Our site features tons of comprehensive, free, online lessons covering beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert levels. If there is something that you can’t find there, just ask me and I can find it and include it on the site. We are very language student focused.

2. YouTube

Youtube is great to find music, movies, reports, events. It is the ultimate source for audio. Listening to Japanese music, news, recordings, and real people is really the only way you’ll get better at speaking Japanese.

3. Lang8

Lang8 is a place where you can try to write something in the language you’re studying and natives/fluent people will correct you. I can do this, but I will limit your requests to 1 page. These people have nothing better to do then proofread your stuff.

4. Japanese People

You can’t go wrong with practicing with a native speaker, but unless you already know one, it may be hard to just “find someone” to speak with in your area. That’s where Language Exchange programs come in, there are several great ones to choose from.

5. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is great to read articles in Japanese. Be cautious of Gaijin trying to write articles, but most Japanese learners are too afraid to use their Japanese for all to see. There are also plenty of internet resources I have listed at imabi.net that can be used as supplements as well.

Always Be Cautious Before You Spend Money

Be sure to look for research or reviews before you make any buying decision.

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