5 Tips For Learning Spanish Fast

May 28, 2011

5 Tips For Learning Spanish Fast

If you’re interested in learning Spanish fast, then it will be critically important that you maximize each minute of study and practice time. For each second you waste on techniques that won’t help you attain the knowledge needed to speak the language, you’ll just be further and further away from your ultimate goal – to speak Spanish!

Learning Spanish fast is certainly challenging, but with the right tools, study habits and techniques it’s totally possible. Perhaps the most important thing I want you to understand is that learning a new language takes more than just memorizing nouns, verbs, and grammar rules.

Sure, making Spanish flashcards and signing up with word-of-the-day websites can be helpful. But in the end it’s all about practice. Practice speaking aloud, reading aloud, and having conversations with others is what will ultimately help you learn this amazing and beautiful language.

Let’s look at 5 helpful study tips for learning Spanish fast and easily.

1. Get Loud!

You can’t really grasp a new language quickly if you aren’t constantly speaking it or reading it aloud. So if you’re using Spanish software to help you with pronunciation or are spending time in a lab at school, it’s SO SUPER IMPORTANT that you’re constantly speaking the language out loud. If you aren’t sure if you’re pronouncing the words correctly, try joining a study group with Spanish-speaking students who are somewhat fluent. They can help you with any questions you might have. You’ll even make new friends! Bueno!

2. Recycling Is Good For Your Brain

Don’t be afraid to go back in your textbook or language-learning software and review old lessons. The more you review grammar rules, sentences, and words from past lessons and chapters the more your noggin will remember the information.

3. Day After Day

Do you remember the time you picked up your first instrument and tried to play? Or what about the time you first got on a bike without training wheels? How did you finally learn to play that guitar or ride that BMX bike? By practicing each and every day!

This same principle holds true for learning new languages. You simply cannot cram at the last minute before traveling abroad or taking a test. Practicing Spanish needs to be a part of your daily routine – no exceptions! ☺

4. Making Mistakes? Meh!

When you’re learning Spanish fast, you’ll probably make a lot of mistakes along the way. Know what I say to that? WHO CARES! It’s no different than when you were learning to play that guitar or ride that bike. I highly doubt you were playing songs by The Beatles and trying out for the X-Games after only one month. Make mistakes. Learn from them. And move on a better and wiser person.

5. Segmentation

Sometimes learning a new language can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t break things into convenient segments. That’s why I’d encourage you to spend one chunk of your time (maybe 15-30 minutes each day) working on your Spanish writing. Spend the next chunk on speaking. Then move onto reading. It’s amazing how manageable things can appear when we break them down into bite-sized morsels.

What Tips Do You Have For Learning Spanish Fast

I know you all probably have lots of great tips for learning Spanish quickly. Please share them in the comments below – I’d love to hear them!!!

photo by: Jason Paris

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