Best French Language Software

April 12, 2011

Best French Language Software

Think fast: what’s the best French language software money can buy? You’d better not say that company with the annoying yellow box and commercials either because I think Rosetta Stone sucks. If you’re not exactly sure – or simply don’t have an answer – then I’m excited to show you why Rocket Language French Premium Course is my favorite.

The Fastest Way To Order Snails For Dinner

I don’t know about you, but every time I’m in a French restaurant I really want to speak the language correctly. The words on the page look so beautiful. Well, with the help of Rocket French you will learn vocabulary for all kinds of great French cuisine (and of course all kinds of other words). You’ll be able to order escargots fluently and flawlessly!

Access Around The Clock

Here’s what makes Rocket French truly the best French language software in town. You will have 24/7 access to an online forum that enables you to ask question after question with REAL people – no matter how simple or complicated. It’s like having real-time access to your own French professor and your own French study group.

Keep It Real

The audio tracks that arrive with the Rocket French Premium Course are so awesome that it’s like listening to a real person sitting next to you. This is really important when you’re learning a new language. You don’t want to run the risk of pronouncing French words in an annoying American dialect, right? You want to sound like a local, “Oui oui?”

Have MegaFun with MegaFrench

Rocket French makes sure you’ll have a lot of fun when learning this new language. MegaFrench is super addictive so make sure you don’t start playing too late at night. You’ll be so busy mastering French verbs that you won’t even notice the sun coming up outside your window.

Don’t Like It? Don’t’ Sweat It!

I totally get it if you’re nervous about making a software purchase. I freak out sometimes when I’m simply buying magazines. But Rocket French rules because you have 60 days to check it out. If it’s not your cup of tea, they’ll easily refund your money.

You Want More? You’ll Get More

In addition to the awesome features I’ve already shown you, there are more reasons why Rocket French is the best French language software. It has:

  • Incredibly engaging quizzes that you can take on your own time and schedule
  • The ability to attain certifications directly from Rocket Languages
  • Extra lessons to assist you with pronunciations and spelling
  • Audio files that allow you to practice and learn while at work, making dinner, running at the gym, and more. Just load them into your iPhone, iPod, or other music-listening device to enjoy right away.
  • Awesome and entertaining lessons on French culture and society

Start With A Free Trial First

Try Rocket French for free today and start speaking the language like a local strutting down the Champs-Élysées

photo by: Fanagt

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