Eager to Learn Spanish? CD’s Can Help

March 22, 2011

Learn Spanish - CDs

You might be saying to yourself, “CD’s? I thought those went extinct right after cassette and VHS tapes.” I realize we live in a digital world of iTunes, iPods, and audio files. But if you want to learn Spanish, CD’s can still come in really handy.

The vast majority of automobiles out on the road right now still play CD’s. Imagine the vocabulary you could master just on your work commute alone? Are you running errands on a Sunday? Then eject that 2003 Evanescence album and plop in some Spanish CD courses! If you want to learn Spanish, CD’s are a great way to get some extra Spanish time into your day.

Spanish CD Courses, Not Enrique Iglesias Songs

As tempting as it may be to jam out to Enrique on your commute, that’s not the kind of Spanish CDs, I’m talking about here! You want to learn vocabulary, grammar, syntax, phrases, and pronunciation instead of zoning out while you drive, right? So, you’ll need a Spanish learning course or program on CD that you listen to in your car as opposed to a software program that you run on your computer.

The End-All-Be All of Spanish CD Courses

The best Spanish courses on CD, by far are the Pimsleur CDs. Developed by Paul Pimsleur, the Pimsleur course was created from the ground up to be an audio-based system. The system works, because unlike Rosetta Stone, you won’t just be doing “rote memorization and regurgitation.” Instead, the Pimsleur course encourages you to actively participate by encouraging you to create your own sentences and phrases based on the vocabulary you are learning.

How It Works

First, you listen to native speakers speak a phrase in both English and Spanish. Then you will be prompted to repeat the phrase out loud. After repeating the original phrase out loud several times, you get a new phrase and learn it’s meaning. You then repeat the new phrase out loud several times, before integrating the old and the new phrase and creating into a single new(er) phrase.

My favorite thing about the Pimsleur CD Course is that the focus is on proficiency of speaking. After all that time talking in your car, you’ll feel so comfortable speaking, that the words will just roll off the tip of your tongue!

Pimsleur Courses for Kids

Another neat thing about the Pimsleur Method is, when it comes to those children having difficulties learning Spanish. For kids, sometimes they need to be engaged in a more entertaining way. Well have no fear. Speaking with Dora & Diego is here! You’re kids can learn Spanish from the backseat, and maybe you’ll even pick up a thing or two!

Get. Burn. Learn

To try a day of commuting while learning Spanish with CDs, get a free lesson off of the Pimsleur Spanish Learning CDs. Then once you’ve downloaded a complete lesson of you’re choosing, just burn it to a CD and you’re good to go. Warning – you probably won’t want to go back to the “old way” of commuting ever again!

Have You Already Tried the Pimsleur Spanish CD’s?

What did you think? Please share your experiences in the comment section below!

photo by: April

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