How Can I Learn Spanish?

January 19, 2011

How Can I Learn Spanish?

Have you recently wondered to yourself, “How can I learn Spanish?” Perhaps you are about to take a vacation to a Spanish-speaking country. Maybe you need to brush up before completing an all-important college course. Whatever the reason might be, we salute you. It’s a beautiful language that you can use not only in multiple countries around the world, but also at home here in the United States.

“How can I learn Spanish without pulling my hair out though?” Now that’s a great question that we’re excited to help you with. Why don’t we examine a few helpful tips and resources you can start using today that will have you ordering food in conversational Spanish in no time.

Flash It

Flashcards are a time-tested and proven way to help you make the journey from, “How can I learn Spanish,” to “This is how I learned Spanish.” In fact, it doesn’t matter if you are trying to learn German, French, Italian, or even American Sign Language. Flashcards are a helpful tool to learn a language quickly.

Why is this so? If you are simply looking at a textbook, for example, then you are most likely seeing the definition of the word next to your Spanish word. While this is a great way to become familiar with the vocabulary, using flashcards will challenge you and eventually help you memorize your vocab.

Simply write your Spanish word on one side, write the English definition on the other side, and go through them one by one until you know them all by heart. Are there words that keep tripping you up? Set them to one side. Have you pretty much mastered that the word “Hola” means “Hello?” Then set that card into the pile of cards you are confident you know.

This will leave you with only the trickiest of words left over. Spend a few minutes each day with these cards and you’ll have them memorized in no time.

Online Help

While textbooks, classes, and flashcards are amazing learning tools you may need some supplemental help online. Or perhaps you don’t have the time to actually attend a class. If this is the case, learning Spanish online in your free time is probably your best option. You can study before work, on your lunch break, or even during weekends. Besides, how cool is it that you can take your laptop to your favorite coffee shop, throw in the software, and start learning a new language today?

With so many online resources out there, which one should you choose? We highly recommend you check out an online Spanish resource like Rocket Spanish. Tools such as Rocket Spanish are an easy way to familiarize yourself with Spanish pronunciations, foods, numbers, and the all-important phrase, “Where is the bathroom, please?” Pretty soon you’ll be so fluent that you’ll be the one answering the question from your friends, “How can I learn Spanish?” with helpful and in-depth answers.

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