How to Learn Portuguese Quickly Online

April 5, 2012

Learn Portuguese quickly

There are many free and non-free online resources that solve the dilemma of how to learn Portuguese quickly. Today you’ll get a round-up of those tools!

Hopefully you will discover some new gems, and be reminded of some old classics to help you learn and improve your Portuguese.

BBC Brasil

Yes, the British can help you learn Portuguese quickly!


Videos on You Tube

  • Street Smart Brazil has fun and short videos explaining Portuguese grammar, pronunciation and Brazilian culture made by Luciana Lage, Portuguese instructor at the University of California at Berkeley.

How to learn Portuguese Quickly With Other Free Programs

According to Learning, these are the best free resources to learn Portuguese.

  • Idiot’s Guide to Learning Portuguese – the free pronunciation and grammar course on this site.
  • Learn Portuguese with Rafa – whilst there is some commercial content, Rafa does nevertheless give away a lot of very useful information for free, and this site is well worth a look. The tone is conversational and easy to follow, and unusually, both European and Brazilian Portuguese is taught.
  • Basic Portuguese Language Tutorial – mostly vocabulary lists, but also some short grammar lessons. Brazilian and European alternatives are given, but it is not always made clear which is which.
  • Facebook Daily Portuguese Tips – Bite-size lessons delivered at frequent intervals straight to your Facebook news feed. Emphasis on European Portuguese.
  • Portuguese Language Guide – Tips and tools for learning Portuguese, with a verb conjugator and language tests to check your progress.
  • BBC Talk Portuguese – an introduction to basic vocabulary for tourists, covering a mixture of Brazilian and European usage.
  • Foreign Services Institute – a US-government language course (now in the public domain, and published by Glen D Fellows) for Brazilian Portuguese, including notes about European differences. Consists of a total of 48 units in 2 volumes – typewritten and available as PDF downloads. Accompanying audio files (mp3) are also available for download.
  • Easy Portuguese – a collection of lessons in Brazilian Portuguese. Audio files available. Lots of adverts though!
  • Tá Falado – also Brazilian, but with the specific slant of teaching English-speakers who are already familiar with Spanish. Lessons are delivered as podcasts, with PDF transcripts.

How to Learn Portuguese Quickly With The Ten Best Resources

This list consists of both free and paid to learn Portuguese resources as compiled by Hacking Portuguese .

Top Ten Best Portuguese Language Learning Blogs

What Did I Miss?

Do you have a favorite resource for learning Portuguese Online that wasn’t listed above? If so, please share it in the comments below.

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