How to Learn Spanish On the Interwebs

February 1, 2011

How to Learn Spanish

Flashcards: Cheap. Easy. Awesome.

If you’ve been wondering how to learn Spanish in a fun, often nontraditional way then today’s blog post is for you. I’m pretty certain that many of you either can’t or don’t want to learn a second language via “normal” routes such as sitting in class or studying abroad. Heck, this isn’t even a viable option for many of you with busy work lives and families.

Today I’m going to show you how to learn Spanish using the good ‘ol Internet. You might be surprised how many resources are out there just waiting to be discovered. The best part is that many of them are free. Free? Oh sí!

Flash It

Flashcards are probably the easiest way to begin your Spanish-speaking journey. Flashcards are awesome because you can take them with you on the go and study them at any time. Are you stuck in the airport waiting for an early morning flight? Bust out the cards and review Spanish numbers. Are you enjoying a peaceful Sunday morning with a cup of coffee? No need to stress over how to learn Spanish again. Just take out your trusty flashcards and start reviewing your nouns and verbs.

Here’s a helpful tip: instead of simply reviewing the same cards over and over, set aside those cards that you’ve clearly mastered. This will enable you to focus on only the remaining vocabulary that is giving you trouble. Before long, you’ll have those words mastered as well.

Spend Some Time With Webster

Now that we’ve shown you how to learn Spanish using flashcards, let’s figure out the best place on the web for you to find Spanish vocabulary in the first place. I’m sure you remember spending a lot of time with Webster’s Dictionary during your early years of school. Now thanks to the Internet, you can amass a full suite of Spanish vocabulary right from your laptop, iPad, home computer, or anywhere else you can access the web.

One of the most popular choices on the web is SpanishDict. The user interface is incredibly easy. Just plug in an English word, hit “Translate,” and out pops the Spanish equivalent complete with definitions.

Let’s say you’ve been wondering how to learn Spanish vocabulary words for different foods. Well, take it from someone who visited Costa Rica without even knowing how to say “chicken, beans, and rice” that this is a great place to start. You could even go online, check out the most popular Spanish food items, and use the translate feature of SpanishDict to master those words. And to think you’re learning to speak Spanish for free with a few simple tools on the web.

If you ever want to take things a step further by spending a bit of money for some great online tools then there certainly some great ones out. For now, if you are simply exploring how to learn Spanish the cheap way then head on over to the Interwebs right away.

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