Learn a Language and Have Some Fun

October 4, 2011

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Most people will tell you that learning anything is pretty dull. In a lot of cases that is certainly true, and if we are talking about square roots, historical dates and chemical symbols then I’ll be the first to reach for the door.

However, learning a language is something different altogether. Perhaps it is partly because it is something which you know from the outset can be used in fun ways and will be a tool which you can use in many situations throughout your life. Ok, so learning can be fun but what we will check out here is even better; what you can do with the language once you learn it.

Sing a Foreign Song

Have you ever wanted to sing along with Julio Iglesias or understand just what on earth “Non, je ne regrette rien” is all about? Singing in a foreign language is an amazing and liberating experience. Who cares if you get a few of the words wrong the first couple of dozen times? Actually, singing in your new language is a fantastic way to cement your knowledge and pick up some new words too.

Eat Something New

Are there any foreign restaurants where you live? The chances are that you could learn your second language and then try it out in a number of local eateries. If you live near a fairly big immigrant population then you will probably be able to try out some incredible dishes done the authentic way and in a place which is filled with people who have been eating this stuff all their lives. Sounds better than getting a fast food burger, doesn’t it? For example, if you are talking Spanish lessons Houston has a tremendous choice of Latin American and Spanish restaurants which will introduce you to a lot of new dishes you might never have even heard of before.

Take a Trip

Of course, one of the most exciting things you will want to do with your new found language skills is travel and use them in the right setting. Can you imagine going from your French classes Dallas setting to using the tongue for real in Paris or Morocco or Haiti? Even if you are learning a second language for less interesting reasons such as work then there is nothing stopping you from enjoying the benefits as well. You can even do this before you get a good grasp on the new language, as it can give you extra inspiration and the motivation to carry on learning new words.

photo by: Stuart Anthony

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