Learn Spanish: For Children

May 21, 2011

Learning Spanish: For Children

Bilingual board games are an incredibly engaging and fun way for kids to learn Spanish. For children, Spanish is a language they can learn rather quickly if they start at a young age. When language learning and games are combined, children often don’t even realize they are learning a new language – they just are!

Today I want to show you some of the best board games out there that feature both the Spanish and English language. By playing these kinds of entertaining and educational games, kids can quickly learn Spanish. For children to learn another language at such a young age, they’ll already be a step ahead of their peers long before they enter high school and even college.

Spelling Games

A great game for very young children is Ingenio Bilingual Spelling Game. The game focuses solely on three-letter words in both English and Spanish. This helps your young one learn the sounds of the letters in each language before learning to spell for the first time. The 68 letters that come in the box have pictures on the reverse side to assist children during their first language-learning journey.

Scrabble With A Twist

As adults, Scrabble still continues to be one of the most entertaining board games ever. I still remember the first time I spelled a seven-letter word. It was magical! Maya & Miguel Word Scramble is rather similar to Scrabble. It’s an awesome game where kids race to spell words in both Spanish and English. Up to six players can compete at the same time, which makes this game perfect for after-school activities.

The Human Body (El Cuerpo Humano)

One of the most effective ways to learn Spanish (for children, anyway) is through association. By using images, colors, and the things they are already familiar with – in this case, human body parts – it’s much easier to learn a new language. That’s what makes The Human Body (El Cuerpo Humano) one of the coolest games around.

Viajando con Oscar

Created for children who want to improve both their English and Spanish, Viajando con Oscar focuses on a super cute penguin that’s attempting to make his way around the world before his little iceberg melts away. During his fantastic journey, kids get to respond to questions that will help them with phonological skills. It’s a truly fun way for children to learn more about both languages.

Sesame Street Spanish-English Memory Match Game

Sesame Street is seriously the best. Sometimes I’ll be flipping through the channels and will find myself engrossed in the skits. No wonder kids still love it to this day. That’s why Sesame Street Spanish-English Memory Match Game is one of my most favorite games for kids. Along with their favorite Sesame Street characters, children will learn about English and Spanish numbers, colors, common words, and even shapes.

Which Bilingual Games Do You Enjoy?

I know there are many more fantastic bilingual games out there for children to enjoy. What are a few of your favorites?

photo by: Blackbird1000

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