Learn Spanish For Kids

June 10, 2011

Learn Spanish for Kids

Do you have children that are trying to learn Spanish? For kids, games are often the most engaging way to learn this fantastic language. While games incorporating the Spanish language can probably help language learners of any age, those designed with kids specifically in mind can really help them grasp, learn, and eventually perfect the Spanish language.

Let me show you some of the best games that are amazing learning tools for children. Their sponge-like minds will pick up Spanish in no time!



Cuentamelo is all about putting words and sentences together using Spanish. These words and sentences are then reinforced through the use of incredibly silly stories. This award-winning game is best suited for those Spanish learners that have made it beyond the basic level of comprehension.

Silly Sentences

Silly Sentences is a totally wacky board game that is helpful if a child wants to learn Spanish. For kids to really engage with a language, games like Silly Sentences are perfect. They’ll learn about Spanish sentences, grammar, parts of speech, and much more. The game is spot-on for beginners too.

Verb It

You can’t have Spanish sentences loaded with nouns if you don’t have verbs to get the action moving. Memorizing dozens and dozens of verb endings can be tedious work. Many kids will give up in frustration. That’s no bueno.

But with a game like Verb It, a tedious task now becomes an awesome board game. You’ll zip through Latin America while answering lots of fun trivia questions. I’d highly recommend this game for after-school Spanish clubs and language groups. It’s probably best suited for middle school students through college graduates.

The Human Body

Visual cues and repetition are great ways to learn Spanish. For kids to use these ways to learn additional vocabulary words, El Cuerpo Humano is the way to go. It uses flashcards that look like puzzle pieces to really keep kids engaged. All they have to do is correctly connect the English and Spanish word with the right body part puzzle piece.

Naturaleza (Nature)

Produced by the same makers as The Human Body, Naturaleza is an awesome way to learn about everyday things in nature. Simply connect the puzzle pieces with English and Spanish words to images of ladybugs, bees, pigs, and much more. This is another great game for beginners of the language.

The Game Without the Board

You can’t always have a board game with you at all times. Maybe you’re traveling or sitting in a location where having a large-sized board game would be cumbersome. In that case, hangman is an awesome way to practice and learn Spanish. Simply grab a pen and paper (heck, even a napkin will do) and use Spanish words and the alphabet to figure out the word or phrase before you little stick dude gets hung.

What Games Do You Play?

I’m always trying to find the latest and greatest Spanish games. While there are certainly classics out there like Scrabble and Monopoly, I’d love to hear of any new games that you enjoy to help you learn this fabulous language. Leave me a comment below!

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