Learn Spanish Games

June 27, 2011

Learn Spanish Games

If you’re excited to learn Spanish, games are a super fun way to help you understand and comprehend this beautiful language. There are tons of classic board games and even games you can play online by yourself during your free time. The options are pretty much limitless.

Today I want to show you a few online Spanish games that will help you learn and improve your skills. Some games are very educationally focused while others – such as hangman and crossword puzzles – are the Spanish equivalents of their English counterparts.

Let’s get gaming!

Ready to Learn Spanish? Games Focused on Vocabulary Rule!

I’m sure you can all remember playing El Ahorcado (hangman) during recess as a kid or maybe while camping as an adult. It’s super addictive and all you really need is a pen and a piece of paper.

Online hangman is just as addicting. I always suggest SuperKids to my friends because you can start playing right away. Did I mention it’s totally free? Well, I did now!

Elma Eagles is another hangman game that’s super in-depth. Whether you want to learn irregular verbs, future tense verbs, the irregular yo form, and many more this is the version you should check out.

Last but not least, you can always play Spanish hangman with a friend the old-school way with a pen and paper. Just make sure you both know you’re playing the Spanish version before you start guessing different letters!

Totally Crossed Out

Crossword puzzles have long stood the test of time. The New York Times version is still a part of many people’s morning routine. It’s a great way to test your knowledge and even learn new information all in an entertaining format. So why not use crossword puzzles to improve your Spanish as well?

EclipseCrossword is a pretty cool site to check out. You can make your own crossword puzzles. This allows you to use diacritical marks so you can include words with the ñ as well as accent marks on the vowels. Oh sí.

Word Search

I love word search games. Whether it’s English or Spanish, I could literally play them for hours. And if you want to learn Spanish, games like word search are probably your best bet. That’s because you can bring the game along with you wherever you are. Just visit a site like SoftSchools, fill out how many rows and columns you want, how difficult you want each game to be, and click “Generate PDF.” Just like that, you now have your own customizable word search game to play!

Games to Improve Pronunciation

One of the keys for improving your pronunciation is to speak words aloud and sound out the syllables. What better way to do this than with Spanish pronunciation games. Check out Gamequarium for a very comprehensive list of words for you to pronounce to your heart’s content.

Happy Fun Time!

When it’s time to learn Spanish, games are such a fun way to learn the language. You can do them online, with friends, and even by yourself. With so many options out there, I’m sure you can find the games that work best for you.

What are your favorite Spanish games? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

photo by: Nici Davies

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