Learn Spanish: Speak with Native Speakers

March 28, 2011

Learn Spanish: Speak With Native Speakers

Recently, I showed you how to get a language partner and how practicing with another person is one of the quickest ways to learn a new language. My theory is really pretty simple here: if you want to learn Spanish, speak it as much as you can – especially with another person.
Now that you know the reasons why you need a language partner, I want to show you some killer web services out there that will actually connect you with other people. I mean, you can’t talk to the mirror forever, right. Right?!

Anyway, since you’re ready to learn Spanish, speak it with awesome people awaiting you on the follow websites.

Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

Who’s Ready to Learn Spanish? Speak up Then!

italki.com – italki is a great way to connect with foreign language learners around the globe. What’s really great is that if you want to go the extra mile you can pay to work with a teacher in an intimate one-on-one atmosphere.

fluentfuture.com – The site has 16,000-plus members speaking over 40 languages. Wow! To cut down on costs, fluentfuture.com relies heavily on Skype (which is honestly the greatest thing since someone figured out how to slice bread). The site also has teachers you can pay to tutor you – and those teachers have all been rated by the rest of the community so you can be confident in your selection.

Language-Exchange.org – Not only does the site promote interaction via Skype chats, it also encourages language learners to craft blog entries. Those are then commented upon and corrected by others within the community. So basically you’re covered from both the written and verbal side.

EndlessSkype.com – Can you tell this site uses Skype? :)  EndlessSkype is relatively new, but is growing at a steady rate. The concept is pretty simple here: sign up with Skype and find a person to chat with in the foreign language of your choice.

LanguagesOutThere.com – This is honestly one of the more unique approaches to learning. You will practice a small amount of grammar and vocabulary. You then go out into your local area with your teacher (or visit a language exchange website) to put your new-found knowledge to use. Brilliant!

MyLanguageExchange.com – This is one of the biggest sites out there with over 1 million members. With so many members from so many different countries, I would encourage you to use MyLanguageExchange to find a pen pal. Writing letters to a native speaker is just as important as chatting with them.

palabea.net – Not only does palabea.net connect you with native language speakers, but also it’s a great resource for discovering language schools around the world. The site also has additional learning aids you can use in your own free time.

MyHappyPlanet.com – MyHappyPlanet is a cool place to make friends. What’s nice is that you can watch videos anytime you want, which is especially important if you have a busy or awkward work schedule.

Lingorilla.com – “OK everyone. I want you to get into groups.” This is the mantra of Lingorilla. While chatting with a native speaker one-on-one is great, it’s also really helpful to speak and listen in a group setting.

Believe it or not, these websites are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s available. You can Click Here for Software That Connects You With Additional Native Spanish Speakers.

So as you can see, if you want to learn Spanish, speak it with native speakers as much as you can. Which services do you enjoy using the most? I can’t wait to hear about ’em.

photo by: Karen Horn

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