Learning French Online Is Easy and Effective

April 21, 2012

learning french online

Admit it! Learning a foreign language can be hard. The difficulty lies not so much with the intricacies of the language itself but with the difficulty in immersing yourself in it.

This is especially true when you don’t have a good enough grasp of the language to dive right into the culture. Hopefully this article will help you reach your goal of learning French online more easily.

Movies: Turn On Those Subtitles

Watching movies and TV with French subtitles, will help you build familiarity with the language. Sites like Netflix carry French media you can watch, you just have to search in the “foreign” category.

Even though you are getting much of the meaning from the subtitles, you will start to recognize words and absorb and understand with them within relevant contexts. Obviously you still need more structured study from a good course but this will help you tremendously in cementing your knowledge.

Audiobooks: Turn Up The Volume

You can also start learning French online with the help of audiobooks. There are audio versions of public domain books available through Librivox. By listening to the audio, with the aid of the text if necessary, you retain the nuances of the French language. You will notice the differences between how you speak and how you write in French, and become more accustomed to the proper pronunciation.

Language Exchange: Start A Conversation

Even though you can start learning French online by studying many of the grammar and basic vocabulary guides available, you will not go far unless you practice speaking it. Passive media is a great way to start but at some point you should look into finding French speakers you can talk with.

One good site you can use to find native French speakers is LanguageExchange.org, which allows you to connect with native speakers from all over the world and have conversations with them via Skype. Also check out Fiverr.com for people selling their services of helping with learning French online through tutoring or conversation practice.

Learning French Online For Free

It’s never been easier To learn a foreign language. Now there are so many online resources available to help you learn French online. Whereas before you had to study boring textbooks and travel to other countries to attempt to master a foreign language. Now you can now do it all from home, right from your own computer. Click here to try a free trial of Rocket French online courses.

Photo by: Carol Lin

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