Learning Spanish Fast Is Easy With A Little Creativity

January 24, 2011

Learning Spanish Fast

I have shown you the importance of learning a language and how rewarding this journey can be. What if the language you most desire to speak is Spanish? Learning Spanish fast doesn’t have to include frustrating textbooks and expensive college courses. Heck, learning Spanish fast can be fun and entertaining if you get just a little bit creative.

What do I mean by “creative?” Well, the traditional means of learning Spanish fast often involves commuting to school, expensive textbooks, and experiences with teachers who can be less than helpful. Conversely, if you have some awesome online learning tools to help you out – and combine them with additional fun ways to learn the language – you’ll be fluent before you know it.

You Can’t Do Your Homework Until You’re Done Watching TV

Remember when you were a kid? You weren’t allowed to watch television until all of your homework was done. Have you ever considered that watching TV can be the homework assignment that makes learning Spanish fast entirely possible? That’s because the more you listen to the language and see the words on-screen, the more likely you are to retain this information. Besides, think how helpful it will be for learning proper pronunciation.

Telemundo is probably the most popular Spanish channel and should be available via providers such as DIRECTV, Comcast, and more. The station features programming that consists of comedies, soaps, news, and sports. And don’t worry if you don’t understand everything that’s said on-screen. As time goes on, you’ll find yourself understanding more and more words until you can finally get the gist of what’s being said.

I’m On A Mexican (Whoah!) Radio

If you can’t watch television programs then try your local Spanish radio station. If you are on the computer a lot, then www.surfmusic.de has great content worth checking out. You’ll also want to check out iTunes for podcast available in Spanish.

The bottom line is this: learning Spanish fast will be much more attainable if you’re listening to the language as much as possible.

Fluency Is Different Than Flawlessness

I think a lot of folks interested in learning another language believe that fluency is the equivalence of flawlessness. This simply isn’t the case.

Fluency in Spanish – and any other language for that matter – is all about getting your point across. It doesn’t necessarily mean speaking a grammatically flawless sentence. If you’re in a Spanish-speaking restaurant and want to order beans, rice, and chicken then don’t sweat the details of what you’re saying aloud. A simple sentence that conveys your desires is more than enough. Maybe you’ll even find yourself repeating the simple sentences you heard on Spanish TV and radio.

Learning Spanish fast – and having fun while doing so – is incredibly achievable with a little creative thinking. Combine these ideas along with an interactive, online learning tool and you’ll be fluent before you know it.

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