Learning Spanish Online With Virtual Flashcards

February 3, 2011

Learn Spanish For Free On line

Flashing gets such a bad rap

Is learning Spanish online your cup of tea? Maybe you’ve been too busy to find that perfect resource on the web that can get you going in the right direction. Fret no longer, my friend, because today we are going to focus on one specific website that is really helpful if learning Spanish online is for you.

So Where Should You Start?

You could begin by visiting awesome resources on the web such as LoMásTv. This is a great online video magazine that can help you learn the language. But what if you’re trying to access content via your iPhone or iPad? Or maybe you want to study when you’re away from your mobile device or computer. Worry no longer, dear reader, for the answer lies within Flashcards.

Did You Just Flash…My Brain?

You are probably familiar with traditional flashcards. You take a white card – usually around 3 x 5 – and write a word, phrase, or paste a photo of something you’d like to familiarize yourself with. On the other side is the definition or meaning that you’d like to remember. Pretty simple, right?

Well this is 2011 baby, and if man can drive golf carts on the moon and entrepreneurs can make millions from selling virtual goods then you’d better believe there’s a sexier way for learning Spanish online. These ain’t your Grandpappy’s flashcards. You need to head on over right now to Flash My Brain.

Flash Me. I Dare You!

Flash My Brain is my choice for virtual flashcards on the web. First of all, you can easily access your flashcards from a Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, and by placing that cone the vet gives your dog post-surgery around your neck. OK maybe not that last one, but Flash My Brain runs on enough platforms that you should be able to access it.

What’s really great is that the company offers software to enable you to create your own flashcard. This is pretty awesome if, for example, you only want to learn Spanish vocabulary for food or numbers. You can create your own cards, study them on-the-go, and easily create more once you’ve mastered your initial list.

Sometimes My Flashcards Talk To Me

Here’s where you’re using Flashcards 2.0. You can download the cards and not only read them, but also hear them. This is incredibly important for learning Spanish online. Think about it: it won’t do you much good to learn the meaning of a word, but then speak it completely wrong. I don’t want you to order food at a Mexican restaurant only to have them bring you a car part wrapped in a tortilla.

One last thing about Flash My Brain that I love. If you know you’ll be away from the Internet, or let’s say you don’t own an iPhone, you can create your flashcards online at home, print them out on paper, and take them with you. Shazam – you’re all set to go old-school flashcard 1.0 style.

That Was Easy

If learning Spanish online has you excited, there are honestly so many great resources out there for you to choose from. Online videos with tips and tutorials are right at your disposal. Why not check out a free trial of Rocket Spanish Software.

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