Rocket French Review

February 20, 2011

Rocket French Review

Who doesn’t want to visit Paris at least once? If you’ve forgotten your high school French but need to resurrect it in a hurry for the dream vacation of a lifetime, the Rocket Languages French Premium Course will get you up to speed faster than you can count “un, deux, trois!”

The Rocket Languages French Premium Course is a revolutionary self-guided language program that goes far beyond the repetitive teaching of a few key French phrases and words, and instead immerses students in French culture and daily life until, by the end of the course, speaking French is second nature.

Learning a new language as an adult can be difficult using traditional methods, but not with Rocket Language’s French Premium Course. The reasons are twofold: 1) total immersion and 2) plentiful community support.

Not only does the Rocket Languages French Premium Course provide users with 31 interactive audio lessons that can be used anywhere—in your car, at the gym, at home, while jogging—it also offers a depth of support that no other online quick-language program can match.

Taking a French class at a local community college gives you an hour or two each week of exposure to the French language at best, but with the Rocket Languages French Premium Course you have access to online tutors and experts 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

That kind of support alone would cost hundreds of dollars if you had to pay by the hour, but with the Rocket Languages French Premium Course ongoing support is provided at NO additional cost. Your questions are answered directly and personally as they occur to you!

Rocket Languages also provides official certification for students who request it, so learning French with the Premium Course becomes more than just a hobby: You actually come out with written proof of your expertise and fluency. That can be invaluable when you are traveling to France or to any French-speaking country as part of your job or on official business. Add the certification to your resume and watch your horizons expand.

Rocket Languages lets you assess your progress at any point in your studies with quick and easy online testing. You can’t flunk! You simply learn what you need to practice and what you already know. No embarrassment in class, no feelings of public failure or inadequacy, no awkwardness pronouncing difficult French words in front of strangers: You always proceed at your own pace in comfort and privacy.

Perhaps the best feature of the Rocket Languages French Premium Course is the focus on French culture and daily life. Along with the language lessons, you also receive 31 lessons on what it is like to actually live in France and what kinds of situations you are likely to encounter as you practice the French language. This puts your learning in context and helps you to remember French words in a way that rarely happens with traditional classroom instruction.

If you live to play games, you’ll also love the downloadable interactive MegaAudio and MegaVerbs language games. Play often and watch your score and your understanding of the French language improve with every single round

Best of all, the Rocket Languages French Premium course gives you all this and more for less than the price of a good meal for two at a fine French restaurant! Why waste time with expensive language programs that don’t work when you can take the Rocket Languages Premium French Course and be speaking French in record time? Thousands have already learned just how easy it can be.

Wouldn’t you like to join them? Just say, “Oui!” and you’re on your way!

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