The 3 Best Ways to Learn to Speak Spanish Free Online

April 8, 2011

Learn To Speak Spanish Free Online

Did you know that there are excellent Spanish tutorials online that can help you learn and practice Spanish totally free of charge? Three of my most favorite ways to learn how to speak Spanish for free online are videos, podcasts, and interactive online courses. They are all really engaging, fun, interactive, and are sure to help you comprehend the language before you know it.

Awesome YouTube Tutorials

  • Laura Garrido Eslava – TheSpanishBlog

    One of the best is The Spanish Blog. Laura is from Spain and has over 100 free videos for beginner and intermediate Spanish learners on YouTube. In the beginner videos, you’ll learn vocabulary and grammar for various topics like: introductions, feelings, family, describing personalities, physical descriptions using the verb ser, etc. In the intermediate videos, Laura covers such things as the past perfect tense, indirect and direct object pronouns, and more vocabulary. Over on her blog, you’ll find written notes with each lesson, as well as all of the 127 video lessons in the beginner level course, 143 video lessons for the intermediate course, and 60 video lessons in the pronunciation course.

  • Señor Jordan – TontitoFrito

    Another favorite of mine is Señor Jordan. He’s a white guy that teaches Spanish and makes these videos to help us practice Spanish. Although he makes it clear that you aren’t going to become fluent just by watching his videos, it’s still great practice. His videos are usually full of color and fun to watch!

  • And Even More

    There are others like EsAudio, MasterSpanishLanguage, and Girls4Teaching, which are also great but not as comprehensive as Laura nor as useful as Senor Jordan.

Podcasts For When You’re Away From Your Computer

Podcasts are such great ways to learn to speak Spanish free online for folks who are often on the go. Just download the audio files, transfer them over to your favorite mobile device, and now you’re ready to learn the language no matter where you are. Many podcasts are available through iTunes so all you have to do is just subscribe and sync!

The Top 3 Podcasts

The three podcasts you need to check out (all of which are totally free) are:

  • Edufone

    This is my favorite podcast. Each is about seven minutes long and covers a different topic including: ordering at a restaurant, going to a party, doing taxes, and setting the table.

  • Notes in Spanish

    This podcast series features a real couple living in Spain and provides authentic listening practice via natural conversations. There are also interviews, interesting news, Spanish culture, current affairs, and travel information.

  • Spanish the EZ Way

    Cass Mullane, aka, LaGringa doesn’t focus on grammar or technical details. Instead she’s all about having fun. You can get these podcasts from or on iTunes.

Of Course Courses Can Be The Main Course

The last ways to learn to speak Spanish free online that I want to show you are free interactive online courses. Rather than buying software (like the dreaded Rosetta Stone,) or taking a class, you can get free Spanish courses online.

  • has long been one of my favorites because they offer a lot of free content, explanations, quizzes, and drills. They also have a lot of cool little programs like the idiom generator and accent maker. also sells a software course, but I haven’t run out of free information yet.


    I also really like In addition to having lots of other useful tools on their site (dictionary, translator, flashcards, and games), they have four levels of Spanish courses to take you from beginner to advanced-intermediate. You can even track and share your progress with the community of other Spanish students on the site.


    Another completely free place to find online Spanish Courses is I haven’t had much experience with this site, but I know that it offers plenty of study courses for various topics, including: medical, conversational, travel, business, and occupational Spanish.

Don’t Stop With Just One

As you know by now, there is no single software, book, or program that will make your fluent in Spanish. You have to include many different tools into your language-learning plan. Most likely you’ll find one podcast, one YouTube teacher, and one online course that you prefer – like I did. The important thing is to keep finding ways to keep that momentum going.

What Are Your Favorites?

What are some of your favorite free resources for learning how to speak Spanish? Leave me a comment in the section below! I read each and every one!

photo by: Mark A. Culbertson

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