Tips On How To Learn Spanish For Free Online

February 9, 2011

Learn Spanish Free Online

I’ve already talked to you about learning Spanish online with the help of some handy-dandy flashcards. Those were pretty darn inexpensive, yet awesome, right?

I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to learn Spanish – or any other language for that matter – then it’s going to cost you a bit of your time and some cold-hard cash.

Then again, if there are resources out there on the Internet to help you learn Spanish for free online then why not use them? Right?

Let’s Learn Spanish For free Online Then!

Sit down, pour yourself some coffee, and let me tell you about my favorite resources that I’m positive will help you learn Spanish and leave a little bit of extra money in your wallet for your double-half-caff-three-pump-sugar-free-grande-with-foam-and-chocolate-sprinkled caffè latte.

Diccionario de la Lengua Española

I simply can’t recommend strongly enough’s Spanish Word of the Day. This is seriously one of the easiest ways to learn Spanish for free online.

You’ll receive an email containing a Spanish word or expression delivered piping fresh to your inbox each day. What’s killer is that you’ll get a definition, examples of the word used in various sentences, and grammar explanations. It’s also cool how they explain the differences between the way a word is used in Latin American Spanish versus European Spanish. Oh yeah, you can listen to an audio pronunciation as well. What more could you ask for from a free service?!

To subscribe to Spanish Word of the Day by email, simply send a blank message to:

Listen Up Kids: Just Say No To Lists

I’ve already talked about my disdain for endless vocabulary lists. I truly believe you will learn the language much more quickly and efficiently if you learn phrases. So if you want to learn Spanish for free online, then why not start with phrases?

Best Place To Learn Spanish Phrases

My favorite destination on the web for learning Spanish phrases is Online-Spanish-Course. What’s really sweet is that the phrases are interactive, which really has helped me and I’m sure will help you. There are all kinds of fun games, courses, exercises, and audio tools.

Everything is customizable so you can tailor the site to the needs that best fit your learning style. I’d also recommend you subscribe to their newsletter. You’ll get a fresh phrase delivered right to your inbox every morning. There is also a forum where you can talk to other people and make new friends! YAY!

If you are going to use only one resource to learn Spanish for free online Online-Spanish-Course is the one.

Stop Acting Like Such An Idiom!

Last on my list today is This site also has fantastic – and of course, free! – tutorials, podcasts, drills, and all sorts of goodies for you to check out. What’s especially unique about StudySpanish is the idiom generator. Spanish, like many other languages, has all kinds of fantastical sayings – many of which will have you cracking up. does offer a paid course, but there is enough free stuff to keep you busy for YEARS.

While you’re at it, why not do a free trial of Rocket Spanish. If you want to learn Spanish totally for free online, then take advantage of these wicked-cool sites. Plus, now you’ll have money left over for that complicated Starbucks coffee that takes 25 syllables just to order. Just do me a favor and try and order it with your newly learned Spanish! :)

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