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October 4, 2011

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If you’re keen to learn Spanish, but find that often all you want to do is relax with a good film, then there is a solution – try watching your various films and TV shows in Spanish! Surprisingly, many find that this a particularly useful way to further their understanding of this language, and one which can be much more enjoyable than reading through grammar textbooks in an effort to master speaking Spanish.

Of course, in order for this technique to work, you will already need to have a basic understanding of conversational Spanish. The best way to begin with this technique is to choose a film or TV show which you have already seen, and which you know well. Ideally, in fact, it should be one that you almost know off by heart. Most modern DVDs will have a the option of changing the language in which the dialogue is spoken, as well as simply adding foreign subtitles. Of course, if you want to practice reading Spanish then you could use the subtitles feature, although you could just as easily play online games such as Partypoker in Spanish, or read a novel in this language in order achieve the same effect. However, if you want to develop your ability to understand Spanish when spoken aloud, then you are better off opting for a dubbed version.

Learning Spanish in this way is also great for developing your knowledge of conversational terms – as much of the speech which is included in theory books tends to be a little more formal. If you want to further develop your vocabulary, you should also be prepared to pause what you are watching in order to look up any words which you do not understand. Once you are able to more clearly understand the spoken dialogue within films and TV shows with which you are familiar, you should then try to watching something new.

photo by: Jason A. Cina

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