What to Look for in Learning Spanish Software Reviews

August 14, 2011

Learning Spanish Software

Learning Spanish is now easier than ever with the advent of computer software that makes the learning process very accessible and easy to follow. However, there are a lot of different educational tools out there and finding the right one may be tricky at first.

You need a bit of research before you can make an educated decision. The internet is full of valuable resources for you to find the best learning Spanish software for you, but you certainly can’t trust everything you read. There are a ton of reviews out there and knowing which ones to trust will save you lots of time and money.


When searching for the right software you need to be conscious of exactly what it provides and whether the price truly reflects its usefulness. Any reputable review will mention that the software includes certain key elements that no learning Spanish program should go without, so be wary of reviews that do not cover the essentials. Be on the lookout for the following things:

  • Fundamentals

    All software should be covering the areas of reading, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation. You must build a solid foundation by using the language in all of its forms.

  • Teaching Tools

    Learning Spanish is a process that requires certain techniques to yield results. Look for tools like videos, interactive lessons, flash cards, learning progress, and self-tests.

  • Accessibility

    The biggest roadblock for most people when learning a new language is the sense of information overload and over-complication of simple concepts. Inadequate software can present lessons in a haphazard way that ends up hurting your overall comprehension. Look for seals of approval, professional recommendations, and user-friendly presentation.

  • Searching for Reviews

    Some places on the net are more reliable than others for certain types of information. When you are looking for learning Spanish software reviews, or any type of reviews for that matter, you are going to come across some bias that can influence your choices as a consumer. For example, you may search a general term like “best Spanish educational software” and web designers are aware of this, so many create sites with these keywords in mind that feature “reviews” that are really just sales pitches in disguise to earn them commissions. Only trust reviews that are written by real language students who have used the program.

    One of the right places to look is online shops that feature reviews from consumers. These are often genuine experiences that people had with the software, and they usually mention its weak points as well as its strengths.

    Oftentimes the most popular and well-reviewed products on reputable websites are the best choice, but when it comes to learning Spanish there are sometimes cases when different programs suit different learning styles better, so be sure to shop around.

    Don’t be fooled by advertising and exposure alone, sometimes the big-budget software with lots of publicity isn’t up to par- Rosetta Stone is an example of this.

    Make sure to thoroughly research any learning program that you look into. Your best bet is to find authoritative information from Spanish teachers and students who have some experience with software learning tools and find one that fits your learning style.

    One of my favorites is Rocket Spanish, you can click here to start a free trial.

    photo by: Uros Velickovic

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